5:30 PM-6:30 PM

Taoist Sanctuary

(back-area classroom)

4229 Park Blvd

San Diego, California


This FREE Veterans Tai Chi course is an energy focused program

for health and well being.

Emphasis on the First and Second branches of Classic

Chinese Medicine with reverence to the Third and 

 Taoist Philosophy are the ideological foundations of the practice. 

Martial Arts techniques and applications are not part of

the Veterans Tai Chi program, students interested in self-defense

are encouraged to enroll in a different school.

Experienced Tai Chi Practitioners are invited to inquire about the

Veterans Tai Chi Instructor Certification Program.

Tai Chi for Veterans and families, to cultivate

balance of body, mind and spirit facilitated through

an energetic connection to Tao.

A spiritually emphasized Tai Chi exercise program

through traditional Sun Style Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Taoist

philosophy, and Classic Chinese Medical ideas.

Veterans Tai Chi is a free class supported by the 

generosity of the Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego.

Donations to the Veterans Tai Chi Class are accepted and

applied only to overhead cost of providing this community service